• Striving to build a system to provide better support for people with chronic conditions, Osteopathic Family Medicine, LLC has partnered with a service called Wellbox to develop a comprehensive clinical service to help deliver better healthcare for our Medicare patients.  
  • The Wellbox Chronic Care Management Services provide you with a dedicated Care Coordinator that gets to know you, develops a care plan with you and our providers and contacts you every month to follow up on your care.
  • Chronic care management encompasses the oversight and education activities conducted by health care professionals to help patients with chronic diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea. Patients will learn to understand their condition and live successfully with it. The Care Coordinator motivates patients to persist in necessary therapies and interventions and help them to achieve a reasonable quality of life.
  • We are excited to offer this extension of our office to our patients, as this program will enhance and support patients with chronic medical conditions.
  • For more information please either contact our office or visit Wellbox Chronic Care Management Services.
Chronic Care Management and Wellbox